Community Development Group


On October 21, 2010 the North Salina Community Development (NSCD) group was established. The NSCD group is an organization of citizens and business owners in north Salina that share the common goals of enhancing our  community and providing an attractive location for economic development.


Mission Statement


Empower residents and businesses to revitalize the Salina North Town District.


NSCD Members


NSCD members will be Salina and Saline County residents, business owners and representative of community organizations.

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Board of Directors and Officers      

By-laws and Steering Committee        

NSCD By-laws       

Conflict of Interest Policy






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About Redevelopment


Redevelopment is a tool that can be used to bring new life in areas that needs rehabilitation. Redevelopement was created by state law to help cities and counties renew themselves. It infuses needed capital into these communites, empowering them to assume control of distressed areas to orchestrate their re-growth.


Agency Focus


The NSCD group focuses on developing partnerships with private developers, businesses, state and federal agencies, non-profit and cultural organizations and neighborhood groups in order to get the job done.


Works Actively


NSCD group works actively to stimulate commercial development and revitalization within the specified redevelopment project areas through business attraction and retention, job growth and creation of improvements to selected commercial and/or public land parcels and space.







NSCD Meeting

3rd Thursday of each month

GrandAvenue United Methodist Church
304 W. Grand Avenue



NSCD Officers

Barb Young, President

Barb Goode, Vice President

Abner Perney, Treasurer

Greg Stephens, Secretary


NSCD Board of Directors

Gary Hobbie

Barb Goode

Sandy Beverly

Greg Stephens

Joe Hill

Randy Lamer

Will Copper

Barb Young

Karen Henderson

Gerrett Morris

Art Grover

Abner Perney


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